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The Best Nursing Homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for Nursing Homes In Philadelphia, we’re here to make sure you know absolutely everything you need to know to make the best possible decision for you.

A good nursing home is like Heaven on Earth. But bad nursing homes are absolute Hell.

The biggest mistake people make when choosing a nursing home is to neglect to educate themselves about the subject before they start looking for one.

Please don’t make that mistake. There’s a few things you must know before you even think about looking for a nursing home for yourself, or for a loved one.

Please watch this video first. It will help you understand the importance of making sure the nursing home you choose has a zero history of abuse:

You can read more about nursing home abuse by clicking HERE.

Locating the Best Nursing Homes in Philadelphia

If you have elderly parents, it pays to know as much as possible about nursing homes in philadelphia. At some stage you might have to face the fact that they will need some assistance with their personal care. When this time arrives, you will have to choose whether to move in yourself and become their primary career, move them into a medical facility/nursing home, or employ someone else to care for them.

The Importance of Locating the Best Nursing Homes in Philadelphia

While lots of people with aging parents want to move in themselves and begin caring for them, it is not always practical. For instance, if you are in a full time job already, and you have your own children to raise, then you will not have the spare time to be a primary care giver. Also, traveling distances might be a factor, and you may not be fully qualified to be a home care giver. And with so many affordable nursing homes in Philadelphia with an immaculate track record for resident care there’s no need for you to worry.

Philadelphia Leads the Nation in Retirement Home Facilities

With more than a million people residing in Philadelphia, and nearly 6 million people residing in the Delaware Valley region (including Wilmington and Camden), there is a great selection of nursing homes in Philadelphia. Facilities for assisted living in Philadelphia and other housing options for seniors are available as well. Actually, you might find it difficult to narrow your selection down to only one nursing home in Philadelphia, or a single option for assisted living.

Philadelphia is known as a city that offers brotherly love. It boasts a long and celebrated history which has developed a distinctive style, not seen in other parts of the US. If you count the bordering counties of Montgomery, Bucks, Gloucester Camden, Delaware and Burlington, you will have no problem in finding a Philadelphia nursing home.

Philadelphia is partitioned into West, North, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and South neighborhoods that surround the central area. Every suburb has distinctive cultural characteristics and provides a unique choice of nursing homes in Philadelphia. If you want to plan ahead, you might wish to choose a continuum care center, which can cater to all seniors, irrespective of their health issues.

Prime Activities for Residents of nursing homes in Philadelphia

Because walking ranks among the most frequent types of exercise for seniors, you might wish to think about proximity to natural attractions, such as parks. The Schuylkill and Delaware rivers are good for some gentle hiking. Also, you could consider a few of the main public parks, such as Logan Circle, Love Park, Clark Park, Penn’s Landing and Fairmount Park. Other nice senior attractions include Bartram’s Garden, the Horticulture Center, Centennial Arboretum, Morris Arboretum, Marconi Plaza and Awbury Arboretum. Little wonder that nursing homes in Philadelphia are in such high demand throughout the great state of Pennsylvania.

Some good museums that can serve as a nice field trip for residents of nursing homes in Philadelphia are the Philadelphia art Museum, the Rodin Museum, the Woodmere Art Museum, the Barnes Foundation, the Art Museum of La Salle University, the Brandywine River Museum, the Philadelphia Doll Museum, the Independence Seaport Museum, the Mummers Museum and the Pennsylvania Museum and Masonic Library.

Religious Considerations for Care Home Residents in Philadelphia

Another thing you might consider when picking a Philadelphia nursing home, is how close it is to your church of choice. The Church of the Advocate, Beth Shalom Synagogue, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, Race Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, Mikveh Israel Synagogue, Saint Peter’s Church, National Shrine of Saint John Neumann, Mother Bethel AME Church, Church of Saint James the Lesser, Saint Clément’s Church and Christ Church are just a few of the well-known places of worship. These can offer a welcome escape from nursing homes in Philadelphia.

How to Select the Right Nursing Home

The first thing you should do is go online, or search the Yellow Pages, to locate the facilities that are near to you. Obtain the names of five facilities, and then arrange an appointment to go and see them. Whenever visiting nursing homes in Philadelphia, always make careful note of how the employees answer your calls and see if they provide professional responses to your queries. Assess the demeanor of the staff, because this will speak volumes about how they cope with stressful circumstances.

Prior to attending the facilities, memorize all the questions you have about them. Be sure that these questions are based on any concerns you have. You have to make sure that your parent receives the type of care and attention they need.

Upon entering any of the nursing homes in Philadelphia you’re visiting, always take a mental note of your initial impression. Check its’ brightness and cleanliness, and how responsive the staff are. Look at how comfortable, airy and welcoming it is.

The manner in which the staff speaks to you should be a big factor in your search as well. They ought to be accommodating and polite. They should maintain eye contact and offer a drink to you while you tour round the facility. They should answer all of your questions satisfactorily. Also, look at how the staff deals with the residents.

When you are having a guided tour of the facility, ask if they can provide you with an informational leaflet about its’ amenities and facilities. If the person giving you the tour tries to sell you on the advantages of their establishment, you should use your eyes and ears to confirm their claims. Assess the whole surroundings, the residents, the family members visiting them, the employees, the odors, the sounds and the amenities. All these things should play a part in your decision.

See whether the residents look clean and well groomed, particularly those with disabilities. Check whether their face, hair, feet, nails and hands are clean. Also, they should smell fresh and be dressed in appropriate clothing.

Examine the rooms or units to see whether there is a calm atmosphere. Check that they are comfortable and hygienic. Also, you can inspect the furnishings, beds (and underneath the beds), walls and floors. They should be completely clean and, preferably, sterilized.

The key to choosing good nursing homes in Philadelphia is to begin your search close to where you live, and then broaden it to examine more options. When selecting nursing homes in Philadelphia, it is essential to bear in mind that these facilities can have a massive impact, both psychological and physical, on the ones you love. Thus, considerable research and thought should go into locating the best one. Following the advice above should help you to accomplish this.


Some of the Best Nursing Homes in Philadelphia


7310 Stenton AVE, PhiladelphiaPA 19150 (215) 242-2727


5300 Chester AVE, PhiladelphiaPA 19143 (215) 729-5153


125 W School House Ln, PhiladelphiaPA 19144 (215) 844-8806


2990 Holme Ave, PhiladelphiaPA 19136 (215) 335-2100


9501 State Rd, PhiladelphiaPA 19114 (215) 632-5700